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Click Log in/Register on the upper right side of the screen. Then, fill out the form with your complete name, email address, password, and phone number.

To change your password, go to My Account  Click the Change Password  link to create a new password. Please make sure that you have your current password ready.

File Preparation

We check every uploaded file to ensure it is ready for printing.

We recommend saving as a PDF file. You may also send the file in the following types: JPG, JPEG, TIF, TIFF, EPS, and PNG.

We prefer that you send PDF with embedded or outlined fonts. PDF files are easier to handle and will likely speed up your turn-around. Remember to flatten your files before uploading

We require files that are 300dpi, anything less will result in a degraded printing.

Darker colors like black are prone to edges cracking, however, this usually occurs in a small amount of the run. In order to avoid this utilize lighter colors around the edges.


Design Studio

Our system automatically sizes files correctly but if you send your own files please size you files based on the size details on every product upload page. Please remove all crop and bleed marks. Most of our products require a bleed by adding .125" to document length and also .125" to the width and make sure all colors or images flow to the end of the canvas.

Every order that we receive is 100% looked at before going into print. Our production team cleans up, moves, and adjusts to ensure things print correctly. While we do check for design mistakes, we will not able to catch any wrong personal information (address’, phone numbers, LIC#). We are not liable for mistyped information.

Pictures or logos are usually at poor quality or resolution. The workaround with this either uploading a higher resolution version or using an entirely different one if possible. We do try to catch these when we receive them, but please ensure that you are uploading the highest quality when possible. For designers, 300 dpi is what we optimally look for in any image.

300 dpi (dots per inch) is the resolution of the output PDF file.

My Order

You can usually request an edit or place it on hold roughly only after a few business hours after the order has been placed. If your order is under the status “In Printing Process” we may rarely be able to stop it. If an order is marked as “Shipped” there is nothing that can be done. You are more than welcome to reach out to our Customer Support team via email or call us during business hours M-F to do this. Please note that by placing an order, you accept that the submitted design is correct and that we do not hold any liability for missing or incorrect designs. Please see our terms and conditions for full details.

Yes, you can cancel an order if production has not started yet.
Please note that there will be a $10 cancellation fee. However, cancellation is no longer possible if:

  • Your order is already sent to production.
  • The order is already packaged.
  • The order is shipped to you.
  • The order has been delivered.

In such cases, please understand that we are unable to cancel any orders and the customer shall be charged the full amount.

Product Information

There are three options for designing and customizing a product. Click a product on the left-hand panel and choose one of the options.

1. Custom Design: lets you customize the products. Click it to open the design studio and use multiple tools to create your own design.

2. Upload Design: using this option, you can upload your own JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, EPS, AI, PDF and PSD images.

3. Browse Design: use this to select hundreds of pre-loaded templates. Work on them or customize them through our design studio.

The type of paper used for difference purposes is expressed in weight. In the countries following the European system, it is grammes per square metre (gsm or g/m2 or simply g) and in the US system it is Pound (lb).

The paper used for writing/printing (letterheads and such stationery) is generally between 60 to 120 gsm (20 to 70 lb) and is called the paper or text stock. Anything heavier than this is considered the card stock, i.e. the paper used for business cards, postcards, greeting cards, etc.


When cutting business cards occasionally a card will get cut .125" off. This has very little effect when there is no border but when there is a border that is thin around the edges it will make it easy to see the difference. Because this can occur we recommend keeping borders far from the edge of the card so that they are thick or images with reasonable space on the sides. A cut of .125" off is not considered a manufacturer's error so please adjust your designs accordingly.

Offset printing offers the best value if you’re ordering more than 250 pieces. When you order in bulk, the cost per item is lower.


We make every effort to ensure that all information on our site is reliable and accurate, including product description and pricing. Product prices are subject to change without prior notice. If your order is canceled due to a pricing error and your credit card has already been charged, we will immediately issue a full refund.